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Armored Vehicles

MIC International has joined arms with one of the top, high quality and specialized manufacturers of armored vehicles. With over 12 facilities worldwide, MIC is well positioned to take on orders from Military, Government Entities, Police, Private Sectors, Banks, and Multinational Corporations worldwide.

In strategic alliance with a Canadian company Streit Manufacturing, MIC can offer our customers in Latin America wide range of armored vehicles, including: trucks, vans, SUV's, 4x4's, pickups, tactical vehicles, and executive cars. Streit Manufacturing also offers such luxury brands like BMW, Lexus, Cadillac, Hummer, Mercedes-Benz and Bentley.

At MIC International we work closely with all our customers to tailor and custom design their vehicles to any specific requirement.

“If you feel that you may be a target, stop taking chances…Protect yourself and those closest to you”


Our strategic partnership with Chinese truck and heavy equipment manufacturer in the province of Hubei, led to the acquisition and marketing efforts of new heavy equipment which is now for sale in Latin America.

ChengLi Special Automobile Co. Ltd, is a truck-alteration company that has been manufacturing and advancing special automobile technology in the Republic of China. Its main products are garbage trucks, fuel tankers, semi-trailers, concrete mixer trucks, dump trucks, chemical liquid trucks and other special automobiles. MIC International is proud to have partner up with ChengLi Special Automobile Co. Ltd, in providing specialized equipment for the expansion of the Panama Canal.

We proud to announce that we continue our strategic market entry into government procurement, as we are currently in negotiations for a continued supply of heavy equipment into Central America.

Corporate Jets and Helicopters

Even if you have a small business, you might benefit from having a private airplane at your disposal. Using the relationships with well known distributors, MIC International is now able to provide aircrafts and helicopters for civilian and military use.